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Kunsthaus Zürich (Kunsthaus Zurich)

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Dadaglobe Reconstructed
- Additional Information -

Dadaglobe Reconstructed
Kunsthaus Zurich: 02/05-05/01/2016
Museum of Modern Art, New York: 06/12–09/18/2016

Excerpt from Kunsthaus Zurich:

‘Dadaglobe’ brings together the more than two hundred artworks and texts that were sent to Tristan Tzara in 1921 by artists from all over Europe. This epochal but hitherto unpublished book project is finally being realized to mark the 100th anniversary of Dada’s foundation. After years of research, contributions that have since been dispersed around the globe have been assembled once again for an exhibition that is a milestone in recent Dada research. The presentation comprises self-portraits, photomontages and collages, drawings, book page designs, poems and essays as well as manuscripts, printed matter and revealing historical documents. ‘Dadaglobe’ is an impressive survey of the artistic diversity, socio-political relevance and art-historical impact of Dada. With contributions by Hans Arp, André Breton, Max Ernst, Hannah Höch, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and some 30 other artists.

The exhibition will be shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, June 12, 2016–September 18, 2016.

Supported by
the Ernst Göhner Foundation and
the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.


Press Release from Museum of Modern Art, New York:

Dadaglobe Reconstructed
June 12, 2016–September 18, 2016
Posted on December 14, 2015
Paul J. Sachs Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries, second floor

Press Preview: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dadaglobe Reconstructed reunites over 100 works created for Dadaglobe, Tristan Tzara’s planned but unrealized magnum opus, originally slated for publication in 1921. An ambitious project that aimed to anthologize Dada’s international activities, Dadaglobe was not merely a vehicle for existing works, but functioned as one of the movement’s most generative catalysts for the production of new ones. Tzara invited more than 50 artists from ten countries to submit artworks in four categories: photographic self-portraits, original drawings, photographs of artworks, and layouts for book pages. The exhibition will bring together these photographs, drawings, photomontages, and collages, along with a selection of related manuscripts, printed matter, and documentation, to reconstruct this volume. Though never published, due to financial and organizational difficulties, Tzara’s project engaged with concerns about art’s reproducibility that continue to be relevant today.

The exhibition is organized by Kunsthaus Zürich in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York, with the special participation of the Bibliothèque littéraire Jacques Doucet.

Organized at MoMA by Adrian Sudhalter, Guest Curator, and Samantha Friedman, Assistant Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints.

The presentation at MoMA is supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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